Lester Lagos


Growing up in Singapore who has been a competitive swimmer for 2 decades to bag more than 50 medals both locally and internationally. He was awarded as one of the top 3 placers in Aquathlon and open water swim challenges in the Philippines.

Now he is a swimming coach, a boot camp senior instructor, a rowing teacher and an antigravity yoga teacher.

A hard-of-hearing multi-awardee athlete has found his new passion within to take it a step further in triathlon and to be disciplined and professional in all aspects of day-to-day life. He is also a calorie-balanced.

Although the race’s the hardest thing he has ever participated in the journey is one of the most challenging.

1. What’s your training strategy?

My Training Strategy is to earn challenging, yet better performance with confidence, motivation and discipline thru highly individualized training days. Train three hours a day, six days a week, eighteen hours a week.

2. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Taylor Seavey is my inspiration. He inspired aspiring athletes all over the world thru much harder individual struggles. Other deaf athletes have special stories that make all of these things true. They are role models in the world for a reason.

3. My fitness philosophy

When i train three triathlon disciplines, it is not about hearing; it is about going. Losing my hearing has given me a positive outlook on life. It has taught me about the value of hard work. Perservance and determination lead to the fulfillment of goals, a truly life-lasting lesson.

4. Any advise for beginner triathletes?

Invest in yourself. Don’t force your training to overload. Keep your goals of your season. Stay consistent to achieve your performance with confidence and peace of mind. No matter how hard, you work at it.